Registration Form

Rules And Regulation

  • All matches will be played DRAFT MODE match.
  • TEAM TAG is an Obligation.
  • Need to be in Lobby 10 minutes earlier from the match time.
  • All participant need to add In Game Admins.
  • All teams only need to have 5 TEAMMATED FIXED.
  • Strictly to MALAYSIANS ONLY.
  • No ‘Name Changing’ during the league. Penalty will be given to the player.
  • If the team do not show in the Lobby after 10 Minutes, then free win is given to the Opposite team.
  • All teams need to follow the match schedule. if cant, then you need to PM our ADMINS.
  • No Trolling such as items build, gameplays.
  • Lagging or internet connection issues will not be counted.
  • Do not sell the items after Vain Crystal is destroyed. *WARNING WILL BE GIVEN*

VML Registration

  • There are 2 Phase in Vainglory Malaysia League.
  • Phase 1 is The Qualifying.
  • Phase 2 is The Playoff.
  • There are 8 teams who receive Direct Invite to The Playoff stage and 8 more teams will be determine from the Qualifying stage
  • All teams registered now will be chosen by using tier calculation systems. Higher tier will be given more priority.
  • Only 5 TEAMMATE per team. (FIXED)(3 Mains, 2 Sub)

Phase 1 : The Qualifying Stage

  • The Qualifier is for finding 8 teams spots to gain access to The League
  • 32 Teams will be play Single Elimination Round (Best Of 3)
  • Winning 16 Teams which is will be playing in The Group Stage (Best Of 1)
  • 4 Groups, each group consist 4 teams
  • Top 2 teams each group will advance to The Playoff Phase
  • 32 Teams ->[Elimination Round]->16 Teams->[Group Stage]->8 Teams [Top 2 teams each group will go to The League]

Phase 2 : The Playoff Stage

  • The Playoff consist 16 Teams
    Direct Invitation (8 Teams) and from Qualifying (8 Teams)
  • The League will be played using Double Elimination Bracket Format
  • Best Of 3 and Best Of 5 will be use in The Playoff Round
  • The teams who win will go to Upper Bracket meanwhile the team who lose will go for Lower Bracket

By clicking ‘I AGREE’ button, you are agreeing to the VAINGLORY MALAYSIA LEAGUE RULES & REGULATIONS.