Welcome to Vainglory Malaysia Player Spotlight where we will interview one of Malaysia competitive players to help everyone to get to know them a little better. For this #2 Vainglory Malaysia Player Spotlight, we interviewed Raihan also known as Tatya. She also one of streamer for Vainglory Malaysia League.

VAIN.MY: Hi, can you tell us what is your real name and your IGN? Where that ign comes from? Tell a little bit about yourself.

Tatya: You can call me Raihan. But I’m used to being called Tatya already. I’ve been using Tatya since the last game that I’ve played for 2 years which was Dark Legends. It was a vampire themed game and I wanted a Russian vampire sound but ended up keeping the name until now and forever! I’m 24 last March, and recently just graduated. I’m from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia specifically Damansara. I really enjoy playing console games or any type of game!

VAIN.MY: Why do you choose vainglory as your favourite game and when you started to play Vainglory?

Tatya: Vainglory is my current favorite game because it has great graphics and gameplay. The company behind Vainglory, Super Evil Megacorp is also a factor because they’re a player/community focused company and they listen. I started to play Vainglory around December 2014. Yes, I’m an oldie!

All I can say is try to watch streams of high tier players from different regions because they have different views on builds / rotations and drafts.Tatya



Raihan playing Vainglory with her iPad.

VAIN.MY: Your roles and favourite hero?

Tatya: I would like to be a great laner one day but currently I main roam (for high tier games). My favorite hero(es) are Celeste and Skaarf. Catherine is cool too. I like her swagger.


Name: Raihan
IGN: Tatya

VAIN.MY: Most of people know that you are streamer and how do you get to be well-known streamer?

Tatya: I appreciate the love and support from the Vainglory community. They’re the ones who help me through a lot and they’re also there to support my streams. Endless support from SEMC also helped. PS :  Shout out to the Malaysian VG community!

VAIN.MY: Have you meet some of Vainglory Worlds Player?

Tatya: I’ve met some international players from Vainglory like Calua, Danarius, Kalua (on my trip to Vietnam) and even Xinyi, Pips and Billy Gei from EU (when I was in London) but I haven’t met any of the upcoming International World’s players .. yet. But soon!

VAIN.MY: Any tips for player who just gonna start playing Vainglory?

Tatya: All I can say is try to watch streams of high tier players from different regions because they have different views on builds / rotations and drafts. We can all learn from each other. Also, if you’re solo queueing, say no to toxic pings! And, if possible try not to solo q. Try get a party with friends who you have synergy with. Synergy and communication are important!

VAIN.MY: Your hope about Vainglory in Malaysia Community?

Tatya: I really hope the quality of the players in Malaysia will grow faster and better. We have high tier players from Malaysia but more is better! I also hope that most of you guys will support each other, events wise and also growth of the game. Promote to your friends in real life guys!