Welcome to Vainglory Malaysia Player Spotlight where we will interview one of Malaysia competitive players to help everyone to get to know them a little better. We are honored to have ‘LMPK‘ or ‘Wei Ken’ as our first Player Spotlight.  Wei Ken also known as ‘KenSoZai’ was one of Malaysia’s Vainglory player who play in Vainglory International Premier League (VIPL).

Vainglory Malaysia: Tell me about your self, Age , hometown etc. 

Wei Ken: Hi Everyone. My name is Wei Ken also known as ‘LMPK’ and ‘KenSoZai’ . I’m 25 years old currently and I’m from Penang , Malaysia

VGM: What made you start gaming? How did you start Vainglory ?

WK: I started to play Vainglory since 2014 October . I downloaded Vainglory from AppStore randomly . The reason I played Vainglory is because of no matter how good a MOBA player you are individually, the team that knows where to be and when will usually come out on top. In Vainglory, a mostly excellent iOS MOBA, the key to victory is to play in the same physical room with your two teammates. As good as it is at distilling the fast-paced, skill-heavy action of the genre into a mobile format with 10 strong heroes and coordinating with an online team is a tremendous challenge at that time

Do not play casuals and Battle Royales. because, they will not make you become even stronger.Wei Ken a.k.a LMPK & KenSoZai

VGM: How long have you been playing the game ?  How long does it take to become a pro player ?

WK: How to become a pro player like me ? I guess it’s difficult to comment on balance, however, because my team’s ability to verbally call for assistance or to plan out our attacks was always an enormous advantage. Allowing players to coordinate the strategy necessary to outplay another team, and without text or voice chat, multiplayer loses the nuance and effectiveness. Also concerning, Vainglory often pops up with messages like “Ally has been killed,” or “Enemy has been killed,” but not which has been killed. This makes it difficult to know who’s still in play to support or slaughter you. But sitting side by side, my team could set up huge plays, recover from bad ones, keep each other alive, and roam the dense jungle beneath the main lane hunting for easy kills. We almost felt bad about it – even first-timers will feel powerful playing this way.


VGM: What is your favorite role/ hero and why?

WK: For me, my favourite role is Lane and best hero for me is Skaarf. This is because Skaarf has a huge range target, and also Skaarf can produce high CP damage towards enemy. Positioning is also  the crucial part ever when using Skaarf. I love using Skaarf because its cute but truly dangerous.

VGM: How did you join Hunters? Tell us your experience in VIPL?

WK: The reason how i can join Hunters maybe i oftenly playing with Hunters team members. So, i guess they see something inside of me and give me a chance to repsenting Hunters in a whole new level. VIPL is a one of prestige tournament that i ever join. Playing with the top teams in the world like Gankstars and Amaterasu Gaming is huge experience for me. we can see how North America playstyle, how East Asia gameplay style. So, its a unforgetabble moment for me.


VGM: What advice /tips can you give to other Malaysians?

WK: All i can say to all Malaysians, the key of the success is train hard. Do not play casuals and Battle Royales. because, they will not make you become even stronger. In ranked matches, you will find a great opponents rather than casual and BR. From there, you can train yourself into better position. how to do that. how to do this, where is my mistake? Plus, one thing i want to remind you, do not SOLO QUE. it destroys your ELO. but if you want to train your mechanical skills, you can do so. So, thats all i think i wiould say to all of Malaysians.